If you are still young and

Buy a Turtle

Posted by: Shelly from on Bought these for my grandson for his Christmas present. He loves the gaming with his friends that these headphones make possible for him. Good sound quality.

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awesome sound quality

Posted by: Dannyboy from on These headphones are one of the best ive ever had i will definitely recommend these to a friend

Good set but ended up going with Astros A50s

Posted by: Josep from on For the price, these are great. If you're not willing to spend $300 for the Astros, get these. they'll be fine. Only gripe is that they take 2 AAA batteries. Personally, I prefer built in batteries and charging the headset directly.

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Great sound and Great Quality

Posted by: Texasgirl22 from Magnolia Tx on Great sound and great quality. My son loves the set for his Xbox 360

Works great

Posted by: golfdad from on Delivers great surround sound. But you need to have an optical out on xbox.


Posted by: GiftGiver from on This headphone set is outstanding. I especially love the surround sound. Using these is like being in a movie theater when I use them to watch movies. Incredible! I bought them for my 16-yr-old nephew's birthday and he was eager for me to try them out.

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Great headphones... stock up on batteries

Posted by: markric from Texas on The headphones have great sound and set up very easy out of the box. I would recommend a good set of nimh recharge AAA batteries for this setup. The headset will consume batteries pretty quick because it is wireless and has a high quality radio receiver for sound.

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Luv it

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Twilight Sea Turtle - Buy.com
Twilight Sea Turtle - Buy.com
Best Buy - Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night
Best Buy - Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night ...
Trippy Turtle - Buy U A Drank
Trippy Turtle - Buy U A Drank
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