Baby Leopard Tortoise

Live Tortoises for sale

All live animal shipments must be shipped with UPS Overnight. There are no exceptions to this!

Because of the way this shopping cart works, we are currently unable to assign all tortoises to overnight, so you will need to choose the correct shipping method during checkout. It's pretty self-explanatory once you see the shipping options. Orders that are placed with the incorrect shipping method (like a tortoise order where the customer picks UPS Ground) will not be shipped until the balance is paid. Details are below.

Shipping Options:

UPS Ground - This option is only for non-live supply orders. Tortoises will never be shipped with ground shipping. Price varies depending mostly on the size and weight of the items in the order and your distance from Las Vegas, NV.

UPS Overnight (Tortoises Only) - This shipping option is ONLY for orders with live tortoises and NO supplies. The order can be a single animal or multiple for this same shipping option. We are currently doing a flat rate of $34.95 for this shipping option.

UPS Combination Tortoise & Supplies - This shipping option is meant for the orders that include a live tortoise (or multiple) as well as non-live supplies or goods. We ship them separately, so it basically charges the $34.95 tortoise rate, and then figures in a UPS Ground cost for the supplies in the order.

If the incorrect shipping option is chosen, the shipment will not ship out on the schedule below. We will try to contact you to figure out whether you want to pay the balance or just cancel the order. To ensure the quickest delivery on everything you order, be sure you are choosing the proper shipping method.

We do not ship outside of the US. Orders with a shipping address outside the US will be cancelled and refunded immediately.

Our cutoff time for same-day shipment of tortoises is now 2 PM Pacific time (or 5 PM on the East coast). We have a daily pickup at 4 each day, but we need time to prep. We generally ship tortoises on the following schedule:

Orders placed Monday afternoon 2 PM through Tuesday afternoon 2 PM ship on Tuesday.
Orders placed Tuesday afternoon 2 PM though Wednesday afternoon 2 PM ship Wednesday.
Orders placed Wednesday afternoon 2 PM through Thursday afternoon 2 PM ship Thursday.
Orders placed Thursday afternoon 2 PM through Monday afternoon 2 PM ship Monday.

All tortoises ship overnight, so they'd be there the following day (shipping on Tuesday means Wednesday morning delivery).

Ground shipments (for non live goods) ship on the same schedule as much as possible, but occasionally will ship the following day. Certain items can take an extra day or so if it's something we have to harvest or prep (like our cactus pads).

We ship our tortoises nationwide, 12 months out of the year with UPS Overnight. We pack our tortoises in insulated boxes with cold or heat packs to keep them at safe temperatures during transit. All our tortoises ship out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays for delivery the following day. The tortoises leave my hands around 4 PM on the day of shipment, and arrive to you the following morning, typically before 12 noon, for about a 16 hour trip in total. Our packing techniques and materials enable us to keep the animals warm when shipping into some very cold locations. We generally only ship into areas that are at least 20 degrees or higher the night before they are arriving. We are able to maintain our animals warm enough in their packaging that these temperatures aren't a problem. If you are colder than that, we will generally coordinate with you and watch the weather for a "warm spell" and ship the tortoise within that window. We are very experienced shippers, shipping thousands of live animals to date and have been shipping animals almost daily since 2001. Shipping concerns should not be a reason you don't buy a tortoise from us.

If you have a specific request for a shipping or arrival date, be sure that request is made at the time of ordering (in the customer comments box during checkout). Having it in the invoice itself helps us not miss the request. We can't be 100% accurate when requests are made in an email or phone message.

We can arrange delivery on Saturdays. We charge a $15 additional fee for this option, which is the same cost that we are charged for it. All these packages ship out on Friday for delivery on Saturday. Orders for this will need to be in by Thursday evening to allow us time to plan for it, and the simplest way to get this done is to add "Saturday Shipping" (click that link) to the shopping cart which will add the fee at checkout. All tortoise orders with this added will be held for the next available Saturday automatically, and shipped Friday for Saturday arrival. A very small percentage of addresses don't allow for Saturday arrival (mostly rural addresses), so if that happens, we will contact you to find a resolution.

Hawaii Shipping:
We are able to ship tortoises into Hawaii, but the state of Hawaii requires a permit from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to do so. We need to have a copy of this permit to include in the box. We are also required to send a health certificate which for us is currently a $50 cost (to be paid by the customer if it's shipping to Hawaii) per shipment (multiple tortoises are all covered under the $50 cost). All Hawaii import shipments are required to ship directly to "Animal Quarantine" at the Honolulu airport where they inspect the tortoises prior to the customer picking them up. We can arrange for the shipments to be forwarded on to other islands also. Feel free to ask if you need any clarification on this.

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