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Types of lizards for pets

The same chemicals cedar trees use to repel insects can harm your pet reptile.The same chemicals cedar trees use to repel insects can harm your pet reptile.


One of the most fun aspects of reptile husbandry is the creativity pet owners can express in the process. Some keepers like to construct custom cages, while others enjoy designing naturalistic terrariums, complete with real wood decorations. Unfortunately, some types of wood may be harmful to your pet reptile and must be avoided for their long-term health.


Cedar has long been used in closets because it's naturally resistant to insects and decay. Unfortunately, cedar is one of the most dangerous woods for reptiles and should not be used in their care at all. Several species are known to be particularly dangerous, including white cedar (Thuja occindentalis), Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) and western red cedar (Thuja plicata); unfortunately, commercial products seldom make it clear which species has been used. Cedar is often used as substrate for small pet mammals and birds, though it is contraindicated for many of these species as well. Reptiles exposed to cedar may exhibit respiratory symptoms or develop skin lesions.

Pine and Eucalyptus Trees

Pine trees and eucalyptus trees are similar to cedar trees, and produce aromatic phenols. Though there isn’t as much evidence linking pine and eucalyptus to health problems as there is for cedar, their use is discouraged. Products made from the bark of the trees is not as aromatic as the wood is, and is likely safer.

Chemically Treated Wood

A variety of different chemicals may be used to treat wood based on its intended use. Wood destined for construction is often treated with chemicals to increase its resistance to decay; some of these chemicals can leach out of the wood or disperse through the air. Additionally, some tree branches - particularly those of fruit trees - may have been sprayed with pesticides. Do not use wood in reptile habitats if it has been contaminated by pesticides, herbicides or wood preservatives.

Wood with Thorns

Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos ) and hawthorne (Crataegus sp.) trees are noted for their long, sharp thorns and should not be used in reptile caging. Additionally, it's important to avoid using branches with sharp edges or holes that may trap your pet. Generally speaking, use common sense and inspect any branches used in a cage for potential dangers.

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